About Me

I am a social outcast living in one of the more busy sections of central Canada.  Art and writing are my two most loved hobbies.  Farming small animals is another true passion of mine.  I work a desk job in a corporate environment during the day, then I come home to my husband and kids in the evenings and on weekends and live life on the farm where I encounter all sorts of new challenges and lessons every day.  I once was lost in misery and self pity/depression.  I was pessimistic and had a hard time opening my mind to the possibilities of my own potential.  I’ve learnt with the hard knocks every now and then that the only one who can make my life good, is me.  I work every day now to change my pattern of thought and remind myself just how grateful I am for what I have.  And it’s been making the difference.  This journey I am on is nowhere near finished.  So I’ve decided to share parts of it with others as I go.  Please enjoy my entries – all feedback welcome.


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