To The Fullest

My lifestyle could be labelled as “busy”, “pressured”, “blue collar”, you name it.

I live the fullest lifestyle.

I live a life of stress, work overload, anxiety, etc., but I use all those qualities of my life, and more, to make it the best it can be.  Leading a stressful life means for incredible days off.  The road trips are that much more wondrous and relaxing.  The camping is that much more appreciated.

Anxiety is quelled by many things when the effort is made to cope with and deal with it as a chronic ailment.  My ways of dealing with it are relaxation, hobby farming small animals, and doing anything that is calm, safe, and creative.

If my husband and I quarrel, we bounce back twice as strong in love and spending time together to make up for damages.  I don’t think we would love one another half as much as we do, if it hadn’t been for the quarrels and struggles we have faced along the way.  We’ve had to learn to understand each other and continue to love and support one another, even at our worst.

Years ago I lived day by day in pessimism and misery.  Nothing was positive.  I wasn’t grateful for anything.  I dreaded waking each morning and facing the world all over again, feeling as though I had no purpose.  Back then I lived a quite depressing lifestyle.

It’s taken a long time and a lot of hard hits and bad experiences, for me to realize what the negative does for me.

I will forever stand by the statement that life is what you make of it.

One day, I finally understood the balance between negative and positive, and how to make the most of what I had.

I give it everything I’ve got now – for my sake, for my husband’s and kids’, and all those around me, to live the fullest lifestyle.  To appreciate the bad experiences because I know that it will make all the good ones that much more worth it.

7008102-dandelion-field-sunsetLiving the fullest lifestyle means living with gratitude and compassion.  It means choosing to be happy no matter what the circumstance, because even though it can get very dark, the sun always rises the next day.  Every moment is absolutely worth it.

Find your balance.